Coutdown until Japan!

I love Fushimi Inari

Hello everybody!

It's been a while since I am not come to write you! Sorry!ごめんなさい!(Sorry!)
Today I visited Fushimi Inari with Valentina (a Mexican friend).
It was really a place that I wanted to see because it appears in the film "Memoirs of a Geisha". I love this movie and I recommend it to anyone who wants an idea of what could be the life of a Geisha. And also to all those who still believe that Geisha were prostitutes.

Getting back to my visit today was really fantastic! Fushimi Inari is really beautiful! You will see many foxes, because they are somehow the messengers of God Inari in Shinto religion (the main religion in Japan).
We also saw monstrous spiders! I took a picture of the biggest specially for you Mom! = P
We decided to call it Big Mama! lol

And my studies are still working, I have rather good results and the Japanese gradually becomes more complicated ....

And next semester I will leave the dorm to get my own apartment. Normally I take the apartment of my friend Alison who return to Australia in late January.
During the winter holidays (which last a month here) I'm going to be hosted by Alison because it's too expensive to stay in seminar house. I'll try to spend ten days in Tokyo and then I will start looking very actively for a job, because I do my work permit application in early December.

That's about all for now, I think you'll enjoy online pictures:
Online pictures

体を気をつけて下さい。 (Please take car of yourself!)

20/11/2010  21:03
20日11月2010年 09:03 PM

Happy Halloween!!! ^^

Hello everybody!

Tonight just a small article to recount the events of yesterday evening at Kansai Gaidai, that means the Halloween party! ^^
It was very nice, I did not really have a costume so I just put black clothes and I dropped on makeup, I actually also did the makeup of Toru and Taito who were in a group disguised on "Alice in Wonderland."
So we had a contest for best costume and all day people were being disguised, even teachers! It was pretty cool!
I didn't take a lot of pictures so I try to retrieve those of other students, so I'll probably update the online album several times, do not hesitate to go back and find new pictures! ^ ^

That's all for today ^ ^
Online album ^^

30/10/2010   22:44


Hello hello!

Here a small section to honor the friends I made here!
Because these moments are gold!
Before yesterday I went with Taito, Toru and Alison at karaoke!
7 hours of karaoke screaming like maniacs on the Marilyn Manson, Hoobastank, Green Day, Sum 41, Simple Plan and more! I think that's a record!
In addition to that the guys bring me to a motorcycle ride! Tribute to Ossan and Angelina!! Mecha Ayaiiiiiiii! ^^
It is 100% fun! My life is crazy and I love it! Rock n Roll !!!!! = D

After 5 hours of sleep let's go to class!
At the end of the day I had an appointment for a job .... And I got the job! =P
Prof. of French 90 minutes per week every Tuesday night! And paid 30 euros for 90 minutes! ^^

So to celebrate that Toru and Taito joined me at the park in front of my house and we had a mini feast like kids and drinking "blue sky" (sort of drink at 9% alcohol with a taste of haribo sweet ^^)


Online album!

19/10/2010 2:48 PM

Hiroshima ga sukiiii! Kobe mo ga sukiiii!!!

Hello everyone,

Last weekend I went to Hiroshima for a field trip.
And last Monday was a holiday so I decided, with Carolina (which you'll see the photos) to stay Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
We visited Miyajima Island near Hiroshima, we saw deers (super cute but they eat everything! Even the clothes if we let them!).

Here the weather continues to be good, like summer. So for Hiroshima it was rather lucky! ^^

It was really great, to go we took the Shinkansen (the Japanese fast train) with a group rate (around 70 euros). On site we slept one night in a manga cafe (it was pretty horrible because like everywhere in Japan people have the right to smoke ...), another night in a hotel really cheap, and the last night we took the night bus to come back (we paid about 50 euros).

I'll put the photos online, feel free to read the fine comments for each photo (sorry they are in French but maybe you can use google translate), and possibly put in some more comments if you want!

And yesterday we went to Kobe for another of my courses, visit Chinatown.
And I realized that Kobe is really not far! We can be there in an hour and a half to 1000 yen (approximately EUR 9) so I think I'll go back because it's very different from Kyoto and Osaka ...
It is a port city and in my opinion is ideal for shopping!

Link to online pictures

18/10/2010  21:38

In Japan we don't say "tchin tchin"

I even know in what order to tell what I'm doing here! lol

Let's start with the joke of the day! = D
So now, when you raise your glass in Japan they say "Kampai!" which means "Health!"
And it is important not to say "tchin tchin" as we do in France, because in Japan "tchin tchin" means .... "Penis!" So I think it's pretty easy to understand that you may be ridiculous if you raise your glass in a full restaurant shouting "penis!" with a big smile .... lol

So to follow on from my last article, last Sunday (already!! OO) we went with a group of girls from my course "Popular culture as social practice" visit Den Den Town (the electronic city) you can see on the picture and Ame mura, which is a kind of huge shopping area.
So Den Den Town is.... Electronics! lol It's like a big street and on both sides there is shops of electronic, multimedia, DVD (you can also see me enjoying my majority in one of these shops in my online album ^^) and sex shops ... Yes, I see no connection either but we saw one every 200 meters so I have to talk about!
Before leaving we ate a ramen stalls! Sooo goooood!
Then Ame Mura, there is a sort of main boulevard that made me think of the Champs Elysees of Paris, luxury shops, also many French and Italian brands such as Channel, Dior, Guchi ...
And after the most interesting (as for me) are the side streets filled with shops and malls (very big ones) in which you can find everything, but especially shoes and clothes, accessories, fashion!
So we stopped in a mall where we paid 6 euros to eat unlimited ice (I love this idea lol), we did a little shopping trip and then split into two groups, others have gone in fashion shops, Lolita (you can see in pictures, they are girls who dress in old-fashioned version, but pink, lace and jewelry .... There are also goth lolitas who are rather black, red ...). And we went to Mandarake! The temple of manga for me! Is too great, everything related to the manga over 4 floors and very cheap!
There are manga, figurines, goodies, cosplay, doujinshi (sort of manga drawn by fans of a series or by little-known mangakas).
Both say that control purchasing was very difficult in this kind of place!

Last Monday was a holiday but I haven't done anything particular, I mostly rested and I studied too...
Thursday also was a holiday, I was supposed to go play football with the club but it rained during the night, so we was unable to play, so do it again next Thursday.
And suddenly Thursday in the afternoon I took the train to Osaka, and Umeda station, to go to Yodobashi Camera (electronics specialist in Japan) which is a huge building, which contains 7 floors of cameras, computers , mobile phones ....
Just Umeda Station has 7 different exits, I think the center of Saint Etienne (my home town) can entierly fill inside ... By the way it was so crazy that I didn't think to take pictures ... I would go back so it's probably not very important.
And why is this adventure for? Well to purchase an electronic dictionary (Denshi jishoo)! It's really very handy and useful, you can type or write as it is a keyboard but also a touch screen to draw the kana and kanji.
It's really popular in Japan and we quickly understand why! Although it's quite expensive (for this month I will not make another big expense) I have absolutely no regret to buy, given more that I am here for a year!

Yesterday, I joined a group of "Japan Experience Program" to spend the day in Osaka and it was absolutely FANTASTIC! ^^
We were visiting Osaka-jo (Osaka castle) its wonderful, I think this is the best visit I've done since I'm here! It is huge and can climb up for views across Osaka (I will let you see the pictures).
Then we took the aquabus (a kind of riverboat) for up to Yodoyabashi, we took the subway to Namba to eat .... And Namba!! Definitely my favorite area!
This is the area of nightlife in Osaka! Bars, nightclubs, shops ... You can find everything in Namba! Its huge! Everything is illuminated! It is a magical place!
And next week I return with Taisho! (It means leader in Japanese, whose real name is Masato, you will see from the photos), Taku chaaaaaan! (My little Taku, whose real name is Takuya), Baka Ojii (the prince of stupids, whose real name is Maeda) if his girlfriend is with him and maybe YOSHIKOOOO (the name I should scream if I lose myself lol ) if she doesn't work ... And LETS GO DANCE!! In NIGHTCLUB! ^^

So that is certainly new adventures to tell, until then take care of you!
See you!

Online album link

2010年 9月 26日 1:18PM

26/09/2010 06:18

わたしのともだちです =D

Hello everybody!
I'm really sorry it's been too long since I wrote anything in my blog, but I was not really motivated! xD
Here I'm never at home, I just got back to sleep! lol
I made many friends, both Japanese and foreign students like me, so I'm pretty overwhelmed! oO

The university gets a little harder now, and I have so a lot of homework! Abused!

Otherwise what's new? Well I met the family of my friend Misako (and I don't know how I managed to forget to take pictures! Sorry!). And we went to Temmabashi in Osaka, to make ぷりこら! It's like a photo, but it smooths the skin, it enlarged the eyes and you can add lots of fun stuff (you'll see in the online album ^^). It's very popular in Japan, all the girls and even boys make a lot with their friends!

Yesterday I was at a restaurant with a group of students (Japanese and foreigners) and after that we went into a "game center" and I made my first karaoke! xD It was really cool! We had a good laugh!
And especially for my best friend Milène I sang Volare! Gispsy Kings! xD
I think I can say I was quite bad, I have the video but I don't know why it is rotten, there is sound but no image, I will send it to her soon! ^^

This morning I joined a group of friends to cook Japanese food and after that we ate together. Then I joined Yohei, a Japanese friend that I made yesterday and we went together in Kyoto as tourists! lol
He guided me around the Kiyomizu temple and we saw a lot of wonderful things! I haven't done too much shopping because financially it gets really hard! =S
Then we ate in a "French" restaurant lol, that was good and really cheap! And in the restaurant we saw Geisha (the real one lol) with customers.
I love Kyoto! The city of Geisha! A paradise for me! ^^

Tomorrow we will visit Den Den Town, the city of Electronics in Osaka (the equivalent of Shinjuku in Tokyo for Kansai)! It's gonna be awesome! ^^
Monday is a holiday, and Thursday too! ^^

Thursday I'm going to play football in a circle (a club of students). That promises to be unforgettable! lol
And after I have a Osaka trip on saturday so I will certainly post photos!

Here I have no time to be bored! Now I am going to the mass of homework that I have neglected for next week! =S

Online pictures! (clic for see)

2010年 9月 18日 09:53PM
18/09/2010 14:53

Sunday... MANGA day!!!!

Hi everybody! It's sunday in Japan ^^ I love the weekends!

I've just received my permanent keys, we have now our cupboard in the kitchen with all the utensils at arrangement to cook!
And also the famous key of the door 24/24! We can go out and return at any hour of day and night! Thus the next weekend I'll be able to party!!! =D

Then I puts you the link towards a new on-line album, containing all the photos that I set during the day that I spend in Kyoto!! It is really fantastic, and the golden house (Kinkakuji in Japanese) it's wonderful!!!
I have seen only a part of the city but I am so happy! It is a mix between tradition and modernism! Really incredible!

I begin the courses tomorrow! My timetable is of God's fire (French expression... lol)!! ^^
I have only 16:30 hours of courses a week and except for thursday I never begin before 11 AM!!! =P

Today it's Sunday, the only relaxed day when we stay at home... I think that this habit will change fast! ^^
I discovered a new anime which I recommend to all the animevores as myself: Durarara!!! It is funny and the characters are interesting.
But my internet connection here is too SLOW!!! I'll turn crazy! I can download nothing without having to wait for a long time!!!!

See you, I return back to my mangas! ^^

Online pictures!

2010年09月05日 02:50 PM

05/09/2010 07:50

A week done!

Time spend too quickly here! Already one week and I feel that I arrived yesterday and at the same time that I have always lived here!

This is too crazy! I am amazed by all the things I see, even the most normal to the Japanese! I discover every day new things, new Japanese words, new foods ...

And especially new people! People are nice to me! The foreigns students and the Japanese! I make always new friends and have hard difficulties with all these new names that I had never heard before!

I met Yukino, my Japanese speaking partner! She is so nice to me! I think she will become my best friend here! She took me to the department store (I'll let you see the pictures at the end of the article) and the next day she introduced me to her friends in the student lounge! And believe me friends, she has really a lot! ^^
Her best friend is Azusa and she is really nice too, they both take French lessons so I try to help them improve, as they do for me in Japanese! It's very fun because we made a lot of mistakes! ^^

Here boys and girls are less separated, they are all friends and hang out together! It's great fun! And I'm learning full of useful things with them!

I bought a bike (I believe it's essential here) and is much nicer that way because the university is quite far from the seminar house, so it's much convenient than walking, and less tiring.
My legs make me less suffer, I think I'm going muscular! lol

Here it's still too hot and I really enjoy the air conditioner! And it's so wet! I bought a small towel (like a handkerchief but sponge) to wipe my, because I saw the Japanese do! And it's really useful!

But I think the vital accessory for any self-respecting Japanese is the mobile! In 7-77 years, everyone has a cellphone, all more technologic than the others!
Mine didn't cost much because it's the simple one, prepaid. I have unlimited emails and it's great because all the friends I make are connected by those mobile mails!

Tomorrow I will visit Kyoto, the trip is organized by students from Kansai Gaidai. Azusa and Yukino will make the trip too, so I think we will be well laugh! =D

Link to the online pictures (clik to see)

Good night everyone! Mina oyasumi! ^^
2010年09月02日 10:05 PM

02/09/2010   15:05

I'm IN JAPAN!!! =D

Hello everyone, sorry for this late article, I should  also correct then because I have no accents on this keyboard... All this is because I have not wifi internet on my own computer.
In fact at Kansai Gaidai, I must register my computer before I can access the network. I intend to do this in the future among thousands of other things that I am asked to do here!
For the moment I am on a public computer with American keyboard...

Today is an exception (I have absolutely nothing to make this day), I want to give you some news of the last 3 days!

Let's begin with the flight. It was really great, and I have almost no fear despite numerous turbulence between Paris and Osaka. Travel with Air France is rather nice because the drinks are unlimited and the food is distributed regularly. I had no problem with my luggage, my suitcase was 22.400kg and they have not weighed my hand luggage (my small suitcase and my bag).
But airport controls are really demanding (for exemple I should remove my computer out of his bag and submit alone...).
Apart from that the flight was quite long and uncomfortable in economy class. The seats are really a torture, and lack of space to stretch the legs. I could not sleep even with sleeping pills. On each seat there is a screen that provides access to movies, music, games and flight informations (such as a map or the cameras on the plane), so there is no lack of occupations.
A Japanese boy also took my email address in the aircraft, he said he live in Kyoto and he would be delighted to show me if I want, I thought it was really nice! ^ ^

The arrival at the airport in Osaka was very impressive! We flew over a part of Japan (it's very different from other countries from above) to finally come landed on this island in the ocean.
After that, I was brought by rail shuttle to the airport itself (I wanted to take pictures of the shuttle but was not allowed to take photos before going through customs).
We arrived in the lobby of Japanese immigration service, with three offices: one for the Japanese, one for the holders of a "re-entry permit" ( those with foreign visas and a permit allowing them to exit and enter again in Japan during the period of validity of their visa) and other foreigners (me for example) visa holders (tourist, student, work ...).
The security officers at the airport are very serious and impressive, but the immigration officers are rather nice and patient. Indeed after waiting you must submit your passport to an immigration officer who stamps it, and  take a picture of you and fingerprints of your two forefingers.
After that, I went to the counter to retrieve my luggage, in a more or less advanced destruction status.... Mine has survived but not without difficulty. And I pass the customs where we cross the dog handler and his dog sniff for drugs and where plainclothes officers randomly ask people open their luggages to check its contents (I don` t have been controlled lol) .

Then I finally arrived in the public part of the airport. It was a shock, it's really big, 4 levels including one devoted exclusively to restaurant and shops.
I invite you to visit my online album (see bottom of article) to see the details, I took some pictures in the airport.
I took my shower at the airport, and have visited everywhere before joining Dina (a Egyptian student who is also in Kansai Gaidai) at 18:15, I got there was about 8:40.
We spent the night in the airport, which was not really comfortable but I was so tired that I slept well anyway. Around midnight, two police officers have awakened to check our passports. I was struck by how much they are polite and respectful (Japan 1 - 0 France). They apologized many times have we woke up and thanked us /wishing us good night.
People in Japan are very different in private and professional life I think, but they are very formal such as in stores. After a few hours I had hurt my neck because of tilting the head to say hello or thank you! lol

The next day we went together to the meeting point and we met other students going to Kansai Gaidai. We took the bus which led us to Kansai Gaidai. I took a photo or two on the road but the majority of the road was surrounded by a wall of plastic. It's really weird to ride in the wrong direction, I think I'll put a time before being used to it.

We arrived at the seminar house 4 where volunteer students (I understand) have supported us and distributed in our various homes and rooms. I took pictures of the room that I was pleasantly surprised! The closets are huge, everything is very clean, the futon is comfortable (yes, I assure you Mom I slept very well ^ ^), and Japanese style with sliding panels that separate the office room of rest is super cute!
My roommate name is Jennifer Natasha, she is from Holland but Spanish origin (thus she speaks Spanish), and was a third person but she will leave for homestay program (she is just the first week before joining his family home) .

I made huge progress in English since my arrival! I manage to communicate with people, I'm very comfortable, although when two Americans are talking to them I don't understand more than half.
I had the opportunity to speak a little Japanese but I have the basics, so difficult to hold a conversation.

The climate here is very hot (30 degrees day and night) and very humid. But there is air conditioning in the rooms and the most common parts of the seminar house. It's very nice to just change room to go from hot to cold or oposite! lol

I have not pay very attention to my yens, but here it's quite expensive, it goes really fast, I better be careful! Some things are more expensive and other less than in France.

Tomorrow the real fun begins so I don't know when I'll write to you again.

Link to online album ( clik to see pictures)

Have a nice day.
2010年08月29日 01:25 PM

29/08/2010  6:25


It's 2:05 am here and I really can't sleep, so I decide to write this article.
I'll go to the airport on thursday morning, and I'll be in Japan on friday morning! It's incredible!
Tomorrow will be my last day in France until a year!
My family and friends have said goodbye to me... so strange... Even if I can keep in touch by phone and internet.

The one I'll miss the most is my dog! Leave him was horrible and I'm so sad about that...
Because I see him as my own child and brother, best friend and life partner... And he can't understand, I can't explain to him that I'll come back and never forget him...

In an other side I'm very excited to meet new people (like Dina, an Egyptian student who join me at airport, or Naho and Yukino, my speaking partners...) and to discover Kansai gaidai!

My grandpa will drive me to the airport, with my best friend Milene. I'm nervous! And my suitcases are huge!

See ya!
25/08/2010 2:10
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Changing my plans!

Today a message to announce you my change of plans (again, yes I know! Lol).
Indeed, I decided to postpone the visit of Tokyo, when I would feel easier with the language, the transport and when I would know how I am going to take out financial level!
Today I got my pay of my work of this summer, it is already good.

Thus instead of making Lyon-Tokyo, I am going to make Lyon-Osaka, always departure on 26th in the morning and arrived on 27th at 8:25 AM (Japanese hour).
Seminar house and pick-up service (a service of the university which leaves the airport and brings directly to the university) starting only on 28th, so I am going to have a day and a night to be spent at the airport or in an hotel if I find not too expensive near...
That's certainly going to seem to you strange but I am delighted! I am great satisfied, I am going to have fun as a small girl to investigate the slightest hidden recesses of a bigger airport than I have never seen!
The international airport of Kansai in Osaka is in more an airport-island (see image) and I find all this really too much exciting!

No regret thus even if I am going to have to wait a little before discovering the capital!
I promises you thousands of photos of all the shops and the interessting things! ^^

Good day for all!

17/08/2010 15:27

2010年08月17日 10:27 PM

Seminar house 1 rebels! =P

Hello everybody!

10 days until the great departure! And already 800 visits! ありがとうごさいます (Thank you very much ^^)

Today I wanted to make a small special article for a collective frenzy which takes a scale which pleases me a lot! ^^
As you already know, I am accommodated in the residence number 1 (" seminar house " 1). And as I joined the facebook group " Kansai Gaidai fall on 2010 " I was lucky to see how are assigned in the various residences some of 90 members of this group...
So in seminar house 1 we are at present... 4! Lol

I thus declared we were sorts of "rebels". The word was taken back, and so the frenzy took root! ^^
Today, Pepper, a Finnish student who is a member of our rebels' tribe created the logo of our group containing the slogan among which Erika, an American student had the idea!
A legend was born! I let you admire the work!

Let us specify that " In the gate we trust ", our slogan is a resumption of the famous " In God we trust " who is registered on USD. Obviously we haven't just created a new shady religion, it's simply in touch with the gate of the seminar house 1 (you can see it on a previous article) which urged to Erika and I to choose it in a completely arbitrary way! ^^

I'm really happy to know that I'll live with so kind people who have a sense of humor so crazy as mine!
Thanks Erika, Thanks Piiu, and welcome to Jacob, our last new rebel!! ^^

16/08/2010 18:35

2010年08月16日 01:35 AM
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Financial side

And yes it was necessary to come to the things which irritate!
Even if for the moment they don't still irritate ^^
Today I received my first yens that I ordered on-line (foreign exchange offices with the best rates being in Paris) and I went to my bank to get back my new credit card.
Indeed in most of the banks cash withdrawals or credit card payments made outside the Eurozone are appointed, that is in my case that for every withdrawal my bank takes 3 euro of fixed commission + 2,60 % of the amount of the withdrawal (that's mean that 100-euro withdrawal would thus cost me 5,60 euro, 200 euro 8,20 euro).
To avoid that, I chose to take an international option. I shall pay 14 euro a month but no commission will be taken either on my withdrawal, or on my credit card payments, and I've exchanged my credit card against one visa premier which is going to allow me to withdraw more easily seen than the distributors which accept Visa cards are not in all places and especially not opened 24 hours a day.
It is a good thing made, the only variable which will remain in me to consider will be the exchange rate between euro and yen.

And otherwise the term gets closer more and more... It is exciting and a little bit scary at the same time.
This weekend I make a small party with my friends, given that I would have not the opportunity to see again most of them by my departure, depending on the holidays and the work of each.
I also get ready to take Jango in his new house for year to come. I believe that is going to be the most difficult of all the things which I have to make before leaving...

30/07/2010 19:51

2010年07月30日 02:51 AM

Seminar House 1

I've just received an email from Kansai Gaidai which inform me that I've been assigned on my dormitory! I'll be in seminar house 1!
First floor for boys and second for girls, approximately 60 students.
I put to you the images that I've find on Kansai Gaidai website.
Have a nice day!

25/07/2010 14:41
2010年07月25日 09:41 PM

I have my visa!

Today I returned to the consulate of Japan to look for my visa! I thus put you pics on my previous article!
That becomes really more and more real! D-33!
And a pleasant surprise too! Apparently my visa is valid for a duration of 15 months! I am really going to try to remain most time possible, after the end of the school year also if I can!

Have a nice day!
And already 600 visits! Thanks to all!

23/07/2010 18:50
2010年07月23日 01:50 AM

The consulate of Japan in Lyon

Today I went to the consular office of Japan in Lyon to make (finally) my request of visa.
The nuilding is really beautiful, I would take you photos when I shall return for my visa.
Given that I had prepared everything, it should be ready for the end of the week.

I also noticed that one morning of walking in Lyon, in sandals under the sun that tires, and especially for feet!
Thus to be the most successful possible in my 4 days of intense visits of Tokyo, I went to get (thank you mom!) great comfortable walking shoes!
That would be certainly usefull too if I did a little walking or running before leaving to accustom me (the sport and I...).

To finish I contact by internet Tatsuya, a boy who lives in Tokyo. He is really very nice, he speaks a little bit French and offers to me his help when I would come to Tokyo! So kind! If I have a guide, I would lose so less time really, especially by not losing me in the subway and streets!
That would be really great! Thus we shall see if that's possible!

Mina oyasumi!

20/07/2010 20:21
2010年07月20日 3:21 AM

Today is a special day!

And yes! Finally! After a long wait of this famous paper... I have it! The certificate of eligibility (which is going to allow me to obtain my student's visa) arrived by express delivery DHL today!

It is really very great with my head of zombie above (I do not know why photo booths hate me soooo).
There were some other papers with, in particular very useful map of the campus, and some reminders on health insurances and drugs laws in Japan.

So, now I have to go to the consulate of Japan in Lyon to make my demand of visa.
What risks to be complicated for the moment given that I am at work 7 hours a day since last Tuesday...

I've also make my re-inscription at Jean monnet university for year 2010/2011, I would have wanted to be there at the beginning of the year to see the teachers asking... Charlène? Is she missing? No no... She is in JAPAN! =D

Very good weekend in all!

09/07/2010 19:19
2010年07月09日 02:19 AM

Small change in my plans.

Good evening everybody.
This evening is placed under the sign of the doubt and the uncertainty...
Do not worry nothing grave, just a question of hotel!
Having read numerous opinions on internet concerning New Koyo.... It shall seem that its price justifies itself by its poor quality and its hygiene more than doubtful...
I thus decided to follow all these opinions and to take a reservation in Juyoh Hôtel. It is situated in the same district but is apparently much better for a low price difference (approximately 500 yens more on night).
I don't look for the luxury of hotels for big budget but if there is one thing which I think is very important, it is the cleanliness. Especially with the Japanese climate in full August.
Thus here is I have just confirmed my reservation and sending one e-mail to cancel that taken in New Koyo.
It will be Juyoh Hôtel for my 3 nights in the capital.
The big differences which made me change opinion are that the rooms of Juyoh are air-conditioned, equipped with an individual refrigerator, the internet access by free WiFi in rooms, sheets changed every other day, and cleanliness of toilets (toilet and showers). I think that it will be more pleasant like that for a first experiment! Lol

And otherwise on the facebook group Kansai Gaidai fall 2010, persons apparently received an announcement of sending of the certificate of eligibility (the paper which allows to obtain the student's visa) by Kansai Gaidai. I received nothing, I hope that it's going to arrive in the days which come.

Good night!
06/07/2010 00:42
2010年07月06日 00:42 AM

New gadget! Playlist! ^^

Hi everybody!
These last days I listened a lot of Japanese music (hey yes I am on holidays =p) thus I thought that it would be a good idea to share all this with you.
So I set up on the right of the page, in the gadgets bar, a small playlist in random reading (you click on play and that reads you a song at random, but you can also click in the list down to listen the others).
There is of everything, most of rock, but also a little rap, love songs, musics of animes (the fans will recognize Blood +, Fairy Tail and One Piece)...
Thus that's to made you a small idea of the Japanese music, I find that nice. I look forward to listening to the radio when I'll be in Japan to know what they really listen to.
I hope that it will please you!
Have a nice day!

03/07/2010 13:38
2010年07月03日 20:38

Seminar House

I filled recently my questionnaire for the accommodation and thus I wanted to make you share this small video of one of the halls of residence (seminar house).
I so look forward to being there!!
It is the seminar house 4 in video, but I shall say to you in which one we put me when I shall be there, and I shall also make certainly my own small video lol


What are u doing the 27th august? As for me, I'll be in TOKYO!! ^^

I have just finalized my reservation in New Koyo Hotel of Tokyo, for 3 nights from 27 till 30 August, before taking the night bus for my new university! ^^
That makes me become aware that little by little the date comes! That is strange and it's awesome at the same time!
That motivates and that frightens at the same time... Finally it's a strange impression!


A day less! =)

Hello everybody!
Today I've received the confirmation final e-mail of Kansai Gaidai.
The check in days in seminar houses are the 28, 30 and 31 august 2010.
So I have all advance of one day!
Fortunately I have modifiable plane tikects! And Air France are really nice! I love them!
Well I go to the same horairs but the thursday 26 august instead of 27 ^^
So I stay between the 27 at 8:10 AM (when I arrive at Narita) and the 30 august evening at Tokyo city, and then I'll take the night bus to arrive at Osaka, Hirakata the 31th august. That's good that I'll have all the day to settle me and visiting the city before the beginning the orientation tour the next day =)
Finally here is! A day less to wait! Just 4 months and 2 weeks to wait! ^^
And during the holidays I visit Héloïse and Fred, who are going to keep me Jango (my adorable dog) during my stay. I believe more and more that I need to be in Japan to surmount the fact of not seeing him more... One year is really going to be too long without him. But I try to don't think of it for the moment.

Good evening at all!
12/04/2010 19:19
2010年04月13日 02:19

A super day!!

Ouaou! I can't believe it! Already 116 visits! I have just crossed the bar of 100 visits! ^^ It is rather symbolic!

Today an article with no connection with Japan... I HAVE MY DRIVING LICENCE!!! YES! YES! YES! So after two attempts unsuccessfully it is really a big reassurance, I am going to be able to leave zen! That's why I wanted to share my happiness with you! ^^

And at the same time I want to thank all those who visit my blog, who show interest on what I do because that makes me really happy and proud! And I hope that this blog will shows itself as high as your expectations, especially when I shall be there, because for the moment it's not very exciting lol!

Good week to all and meet you on the road! ^^
31/03/2010 17:32

Ps: The pic is a little joke. Because in France when you just having your driving licence, you have to put this "A" on your car to say: "Be carefull, I'm a young driver" during 3 years.
The "A" normally means "apprenti" (apprentice conducer) but some people says that it's meaning "abruti" (idiot, moron) ^^

My three travel books ^^

Hi! ^^
Yatta! I've made some shopping! I've bought some books which I'll bring with me if I can (if my luggage permit it!). And as I am happy of all of them I will make some ads! lol
Firstly, I've began with two little conversation guides, basic japanese, usefull sentences organized by theme, well no comparaison with a real course but very usefull!
The first is Le Japonais de poche (the pocket japanese) published by Assimil; so this one is really a bases learning method, with usefull exemples for daily life, but it's more a method than a tourist helping book. There is also a little explanation of japanese good manners, and I find it nice to have some indications on habbits of japaneses. At the end we find a mini dictionnary Japanese-French and French-Japanese always usefull for vocabulary issues (I have lot! xD). To conclude, I classify this book in those to read at house.
The second is Japonais, guide de conversation et dictionnaire (Japanese, conversation guide and dictionnary) published by Berlitz. And it is my favorite, the one which will never leave my handbag ^^ I like it because it's very well organized, and I can find the sentence I need in 30 seconds! I think it's important, knowing I'll be enough ridiculous in searching in my book to talk... With sections like transport, communications and internet, restaurant, conversation, tourism or health, it's really complete. It's the most of tourist's book, but it's also more! It's a "survive book" and a gold mine!
Furthermore, all is written in kanas/kanjis and in French, and in a compact sized book. So it is my super favorite! lol

Then, I've invested on a tourist guide, because even if I'm proud to know some things about Japan, I am sure to miss numerous great things without it. So it's guide bleu du Japon (blue guide of Japan) published by Hachette tourism. The big plus is for the classification by zones and the maps! There is also illustrations (but not to big) and a description of each site with a stars system classification. The least, it weighs one ton, especially since there is a big part at first on the society, the history of Japan, the religions, the literature... Finally it's really interesting but I am going to suffer if I have to lug this big book with me =)

That's all ^^ And as for the administrative side, I've given to Mrs Laniel my Kansai Gaidai paper file to Japan, but I'll add to it tomorrow my grade sheet of the third half-year freshly received, and my contract of studies signed by Mr Laxton.

Mina oyasumi!
23/03/2010 22h58
2010年03月24日 06:58

A short message

Hi everybody,
finally a new message, a short one! ^^
Just to say that tomorrow I am going to return my paper file of Kansai Gaidai to the international pole because I have my letters of recommendation and my medical file.
I am also going to visit Mr Laxton who is responsible of departing abroad students of AES to begin a contract of studies. A contract of studies it is simply to validate equivalences, it is necessary to select the courses which I have to follow and Kansai Gaidai will send my results to the faculty and Mr Laxton is going to validate or not my ECTS credits.
That's all for the moment.

16/03/2010 22:49

Tokyo yattekuru!!

And here is! My tickets are ordered, to Air France, free of charge modifiable tickets, economy class. Departure Lyon-Tokyo, allocates on August 27th in 10:50 (French hour), arrived on August 28th in 8:10 (Japanese hour) ^^
For return it's normally Osaka-Lyon (even modifiable if need), I dated most farther possible in the planning (at the end of February) but I should modify that later...
With the cancellation or missed plane insurance I've paid 967 euro, I'm lucky! Except for my savings reduced to nothing! XD

I shall take my reservation in New Koyo hotel (we can reserve no more than 3 months in advance), for 3 nights, given that I decided to take the night bus to make Tokyo-Osaka at night of August 31st, for economic reasons! It is really cheaper than the shinkansen, and that saves me a hotel room night moreover, even if that will be certainly more tiring...
I found a company of buses which looks like very nice, it is Willer Express (they have a website) and I think of reserving a month before leaving or on the hotel with help of people of New Koyo to be sure to not make a mistake ^^

Otherwise I made my injections today ='( and I think that deadlines for reminders are ok, but always impossible to contact the north hospital for the encephalitis... I've to go there personally to inform me...

I chose the courses which interest me to register them on my contract of study, we shall see those who will be granted to me (indeed at Kansai Gaidai we take a number on arrival, as a lottery, and the number one was chosen its courses in the first one ect.... In other words, if you are last everything is full you have not lot of choice.... I hope I'll have more chance than for the euromillion! Lol.

Good evening.

The Tokyo madness!

Hi everybody!
As I've promise, I let you follow the progress of my organisation.
I've my official scolar year dates: beginning on 1rst september 2010; and ending on 28th may 2011. And before buying my plane tickets, I have decided to offer me 4 days in Tokyo before go to my new university in Kansai ^^
In facts, the travel Lyon Tokyo is less expensive than Lyon Osaka, so I take advantage of it to pay some nights in a "value for money" hotel in Tokyo.
My departure is planned for 27th august at 10:50 AM, and arrival at Narita Tokyo airport 28th august at 8:10 AM (japanese hour).
I will stay 3 nights at the New Koyo hotel of Tokyo (I think it's THE most cheaper lol), and I will have 4 days to visit Tokyo before taking the shinkansen (high speed Japanese train) on September 1rst between Tokyo and Osaka and then join Hirakata and Kansai Gaidai.
I shall have liked to take one week but I have some financial vaguenesses (which depend on my capacity to find a job this summer or not) and I prefer to stay reasonable and 4 days it is already good ^^

Otherwise I try to select the courses which I shall like following among the numerous proposed which all look interesting! To fill my contract of studies for the equivalences with the director of my department (Mrs Palanca).

Mina oyasumi! (Good night everybody ^^)
03/03/2010 21:50

See the doc'!

Firstly, I have receive my suitcases, and I am reassured. The large is huge, and the small is ok too... But all depending on the weight, I try to be positive!

Less funny thing today was my meeting with my doctor for the vaccination check up...

I have find this picture which represent perfectly my feeling about that.
90 euros just for 3 vaccines, plus the price of the differents meds that I put in my first aid pharmacy... a total of 150 euros in one day...

As you can see there I really have of everything, I envisage no possible fault! XD
And I still have the small dilemma of the Japanese encephalitis, which as its name indicates it is a typically Asian disease and the vaccine is made at the hospital, in a special pole " infectious and tropical diseases ". Thus rest still to inform me for that.

Rest more now a second meeting with the doctor to make me both who sleep in the refrigerator and make him fill my medical file of Kansai Gaidai (my doctor very enjoy the fact that it is in English ^^).
And then destination the hospital for the famous encephalitis =)

That's all for today.
26/02/2010 18:36


Today, new step completed, I have received my passport, made in 6 days (that is a very short deadline!) and I have completed the online application of Kansai Gaidai, with the number of passport.
Now, I have to print it, copy my precious passport, obtain my 3 letters of recommendation and ask my doctor to fill my medical informations; before sending all directly in Japan!!

I have also decided to see the dentist and the ophtalmologist. Indeed I prefer to display all the things to make, and regarding health we are never too careful =)

And I wait for my suitcases ^^

22/02/2010 19:07

THE big challenge! Suitcases!

Yesterday, after visiting all sites of price comparators of plane tickets, agencies of journey, airline companies.... I think I should take my tickets to Air France which propose "reasonable" prices (1100 euro for round trip approximately) but which also have especially the big advantage to propose tickets " modify free of charge ".
I am sure that as me you say yourselves kesako? Or it's too beautiful to be true... And indeed you are right is it! lol " modify free of charge " that means that I don't have to pay more to change a date or a schedule of ticket (and it is exactly what I need because even not knowing my date to go, I am even farther to know my date of return) but it is only under reserve that it still have there places in the price rate that I paid on the flights to the dates which I want. Yes it is a little bit complicated and I go away from the subject of the title.

So, for many reasons I've choose Air France in economic class, and then... SURPRISE!!!
With Air France I'll be allowed to tak only one 20kg suitcase in hold of the plane (on the contrary 2 with ANA: All Nippon Airways) and one hand luggage of 12 kg+ my handbag. I have order my suitcases on Ebay right now (On the pics, the yellow is the biggest and the blue is the little) and I am desperate!
When my mother go on holiday for one week she has difficulties to put all what she takes in a suitcase as the yellow... I'm certainly not like my mother but I go for one year!!!
So it's the challenge of the day! Reading travelling forums and point of view of different persons for long period travels like mine there is a tendancy: wear always the same things! lol
Roughly the rule would be to take the minimum to get dressed one or two seasons at arrival, in my case in summer and autumn, and buy the rest on place...
I'm feeling disapointed to have to spend money in winter clothes (pullovers, parka) which I can put in my luggage when I come back...
I am thinking about the price of sending of a box of things by post in international loool

And I also start to think about some French "little presents" that I could offer to Japanese friends. Because Japan is the "little present" country, it's appreciated, and some friends tell to me that France is popular in Japan, especially with japanese girls, so I think it's a good way to make friends ^^
If you have any suggestions don't hesitate^^

Finally, in administrative side, I have received a mail of the international section of my university, which permit to suscribe to all scolarships, with an online file. But I have to wait for my passport first! I have also discover that my first international scolarship will not arrive before january 2011, I have paid for my plane tickets, and if I don't have a job this summer it will be very difficult for me... I'm stressed... :S

Long article today for blog's public openning =)
20 february 2010 17:06

Documents... More and more documents...

Today, I've received a Kansai Gaidai email (on the pic my future university ^^). In reality, the e-mail was already in my box since few days, but in spam box lol
So, I was able to print my real file to send directly to Japan!
I AM 13508!! =)
The things which miss me before being able to complete and sending back the file are my passport (in progress), my 3 letters of recommendation (special Thanks to Mr Hagbe, Mrs Palanca and Mrs Rabagny) that I have to translate properly in English! BLAGUE!
Without speaking about the inevitable medical examination to make fill some papers furthermore to my doctor (and to take advantage of it to constitute my precious pharmacy).
It's everything for today and it's already not bad!

17 february 2010 19:43

Ps: The words "vilaine" can be traduced by ugly, and "blague" by joke, but I prefer let them in French, because they've no sense, it's only my expressions...

Beginning of the blog...

So, it always need a beginning ^^
My name is Charlene, and the monster in the pic next to my is JANGO, my dog!
It will be so so hard to leave and let him in France...

So, I've made a demand of Japan file for Japan before Christmas holidays at international section of university Jean Monnet next my participation at ISEP/ Japan information meeting. I've submit my pre application on 17 january 2009, and yesterday 11 february ( symbolic day because 11 frebruary is national holiday in Japan, it celebrates the creation of Japan ^^) I have received my positiiiiiiive response! =D
I am really happy and I take advantage to this run up to open this inpirate named blog (wink to my "vilaines" band who I'll miss too...)!

I don't think I will make it public for the moment, but I think there is numerous usefull informations to publish here before departure, given that this blog has for vocation to be in the same time a logbook for me, a means to give new to my friends and family and people who are interested on my trip, and an information source for all my successors on this adventure in future! lol

Well, I have not realized yet or assimilated anything except the cost of a passport (86 euros! It's painful!) and I just begin to collect all my questions and plans.
I'll give you more precision when I even have it ^^

Little ps: The hour of articles is Japanese's (+8h with regard to Franche in winter and +7h in Summer) so for messages written in France I'll put the date and hour below.

Saint Etienne, 12/02/2010 20:56

PS 2: This blog is English version of an Orginal blog, so dates below articles are the true, and maybe don't correspond to blog's dating.
And don't hesitate to post comments to indicate me the faults of language, I shall not publish them but I would correct the faults. Thx!