Coutdown until Japan!

Back from Tokyo

Hi everyone!
Here I am! I came back yesterday morning after spending 10 days in Tokyo! It was absolutely wonderful!!
I think I've nearly seen everything, I really tried to see everything I planned to and now I began professional in the art of using a subway without getting lost ^^
I have to say that in Japan everything is very well organized compared to Paris for example... =p

Here is the link of the online album! Don't forget the legends! ^^
Tokyo winter break!

And so now I'm back to Hirakata where I'm sharing an apartment with Alison until February.
I'm also in holidays until February so I'm gonna take care of some little things I have to get done (like changing my address on my gaijin card) before to start looking for a job.
Because even if I finally got extra scholarship which are gonna pay my rent for this semester I want to enjoy at maximum and so I'm planning a little trip around Asia for next semester and I'll need money for that!^^

I also want to use this break to do some things I wanted to do last semester but couldn't because of lack of time or money, like visiting Kayukan (the Osaka Aquarium) or the brand new Pokemon center...

I'll write the next article as soon as I have new things to tell you about!
2011 年 01 月 09 日

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! ^^

Hello everybody!

It's been a while! I'm finally on vacation from December 17 and until February (yes, February! XD).
So to give you some news, I moved on December 22 in what will be my apartment for next semester, although I share with Alison until 31 January when she will return to Australia. ^^

Also I went to see the illuminations in Kobe on December 11 with Valentina! It was beautiful but really exhausting to walk as long and with the crowd! Just a big blow to Japan! lol

On 15, we celebrated the anniversary of Mailaïka who is from Kenya and lived in the same dorm as me, it was really really nice .... And I really will miss everyone in my seminar house, it just makes me realize how much I made good friends from everywhere here!
Do not judge the pictures too, I think we all have a little too drunk that night! lol

On 18, we celebrated the end of the semester and also the departure of all those who are here only for one semester at the club BERONIKA Kyobashi (Osaka). It was a great night and I got to know Itsuro, who you will see on the pictures and do not speak any English, so I'm pretty proud to come to make friends with my level of Japanese, since I started four months ago I'm doing pretty good! ^^

Otherwise I hope you had a good Christmas, mine was pretty special! lol
Indeed Japan is not a Christmas family celebration (forget the tradition, we are not Christians here lol) but it is still popular as commercial event.

And so in Japan Christmas is a romantic holiday for couples or if you are not a couple with friends.
So I went that evening with Risa, one of my friends, eat at Sweet Paradise. As the name suggests is a paradise for dessert, we made a meal of different varieties of cake we got to eat! =P
Then we made Christmas purikura (the cutes pictures) ! It was pretty funny. And finally I had a "date" with Itsuro, who I met at BERONIKA and is just a friend. ^^

The day before I went to karaoke with Japanese friends and Alison , and finally after all these parties I caught a cold .... lol So on 25 I stayed at home.

Today I finally went to Nara with Yukino and Azusa, and Ellen and her friend Kayoko.
It was really super nice! The big Buddha is really impressive! And deer are just too adorable!

And tomorrow evening I take the night bus to Tokyo!! = D
I'm sooooo excited!
I don't think I would be back by then to write so I hope you spend a good time for New Year's eve and Happy New Year 2011 to all!

I put pictures of illuminations Kobe, Malaika's birthday, the night club BERONIKA, the karaoke, Christmas and Nara:
Bye bye seminar house 1
Malaïka's birthday 15/12/2010
BERONIKA club! 18/12/2010
Karaoké 23/12/2010
Christmas night with Risa 24/12/2010
Nara 27/12/2010
Some random pictures ^^

I know that it's a lot in one time, but some albums have only few pictures so please enjoy! ^^

27/12/2010  22:30
2010年  12月  27日  10:30 PM

Arashiyama! Momiji! Koyo!

I takes a little more delay every time!

So here I am writing this article because November 27th I went with Jeff and Azusa to Arashiyama near Kyoto to see the changing color of autumn leaves, an event that is quite popular in Japan.
Finally this time I have a good excuse for the delay, I am in the midterm exams!
It's really tiring, but on the other side a few days more and I'm on HOLIDAYS! ^ ^
For a month! I go to Tokyo for 10 days, and I was invited to the ceremony for the majority (who is 20 years in Japan) on January 10. I'd go if I can surely get a kimono, as it is really super expensive I'll get help with my Japanese friends.

That's it for today.
Good night!

Online pictures!

I love Fushimi Inari

Hello everybody!

It's been a while since I am not come to write you! Sorry!ごめんなさい!(Sorry!)
Today I visited Fushimi Inari with Valentina (a Mexican friend).
It was really a place that I wanted to see because it appears in the film "Memoirs of a Geisha". I love this movie and I recommend it to anyone who wants an idea of what could be the life of a Geisha. And also to all those who still believe that Geisha were prostitutes.

Getting back to my visit today was really fantastic! Fushimi Inari is really beautiful! You will see many foxes, because they are somehow the messengers of God Inari in Shinto religion (the main religion in Japan).
We also saw monstrous spiders! I took a picture of the biggest specially for you Mom! = P
We decided to call it Big Mama! lol

And my studies are still working, I have rather good results and the Japanese gradually becomes more complicated ....

And next semester I will leave the dorm to get my own apartment. Normally I take the apartment of my friend Alison who return to Australia in late January.
During the winter holidays (which last a month here) I'm going to be hosted by Alison because it's too expensive to stay in seminar house. I'll try to spend ten days in Tokyo and then I will start looking very actively for a job, because I do my work permit application in early December.

That's about all for now, I think you'll enjoy online pictures:
Online pictures

体を気をつけて下さい。 (Please take car of yourself!)

20/11/2010  21:03
20日11月2010年 09:03 PM

Happy Halloween!!! ^^

Hello everybody!

Tonight just a small article to recount the events of yesterday evening at Kansai Gaidai, that means the Halloween party! ^^
It was very nice, I did not really have a costume so I just put black clothes and I dropped on makeup, I actually also did the makeup of Toru and Taito who were in a group disguised on "Alice in Wonderland."
So we had a contest for best costume and all day people were being disguised, even teachers! It was pretty cool!
I didn't take a lot of pictures so I try to retrieve those of other students, so I'll probably update the online album several times, do not hesitate to go back and find new pictures! ^ ^

That's all for today ^ ^
Online album ^^

30/10/2010   22:44


Hello hello!

Here a small section to honor the friends I made here!
Because these moments are gold!
Before yesterday I went with Taito, Toru and Alison at karaoke!
7 hours of karaoke screaming like maniacs on the Marilyn Manson, Hoobastank, Green Day, Sum 41, Simple Plan and more! I think that's a record!
In addition to that the guys bring me to a motorcycle ride! Tribute to Ossan and Angelina!! Mecha Ayaiiiiiiii! ^^
It is 100% fun! My life is crazy and I love it! Rock n Roll !!!!! = D

After 5 hours of sleep let's go to class!
At the end of the day I had an appointment for a job .... And I got the job! =P
Prof. of French 90 minutes per week every Tuesday night! And paid 30 euros for 90 minutes! ^^

So to celebrate that Toru and Taito joined me at the park in front of my house and we had a mini feast like kids and drinking "blue sky" (sort of drink at 9% alcohol with a taste of haribo sweet ^^)


Online album!

19/10/2010 2:48 PM

Hiroshima ga sukiiii! Kobe mo ga sukiiii!!!

Hello everyone,

Last weekend I went to Hiroshima for a field trip.
And last Monday was a holiday so I decided, with Carolina (which you'll see the photos) to stay Saturday, Sunday and Monday.
We visited Miyajima Island near Hiroshima, we saw deers (super cute but they eat everything! Even the clothes if we let them!).

Here the weather continues to be good, like summer. So for Hiroshima it was rather lucky! ^^

It was really great, to go we took the Shinkansen (the Japanese fast train) with a group rate (around 70 euros). On site we slept one night in a manga cafe (it was pretty horrible because like everywhere in Japan people have the right to smoke ...), another night in a hotel really cheap, and the last night we took the night bus to come back (we paid about 50 euros).

I'll put the photos online, feel free to read the fine comments for each photo (sorry they are in French but maybe you can use google translate), and possibly put in some more comments if you want!

And yesterday we went to Kobe for another of my courses, visit Chinatown.
And I realized that Kobe is really not far! We can be there in an hour and a half to 1000 yen (approximately EUR 9) so I think I'll go back because it's very different from Kyoto and Osaka ...
It is a port city and in my opinion is ideal for shopping!

Link to online pictures

18/10/2010  21:38