Coutdown until Japan!

Financial side

And yes it was necessary to come to the things which irritate!
Even if for the moment they don't still irritate ^^
Today I received my first yens that I ordered on-line (foreign exchange offices with the best rates being in Paris) and I went to my bank to get back my new credit card.
Indeed in most of the banks cash withdrawals or credit card payments made outside the Eurozone are appointed, that is in my case that for every withdrawal my bank takes 3 euro of fixed commission + 2,60 % of the amount of the withdrawal (that's mean that 100-euro withdrawal would thus cost me 5,60 euro, 200 euro 8,20 euro).
To avoid that, I chose to take an international option. I shall pay 14 euro a month but no commission will be taken either on my withdrawal, or on my credit card payments, and I've exchanged my credit card against one visa premier which is going to allow me to withdraw more easily seen than the distributors which accept Visa cards are not in all places and especially not opened 24 hours a day.
It is a good thing made, the only variable which will remain in me to consider will be the exchange rate between euro and yen.

And otherwise the term gets closer more and more... It is exciting and a little bit scary at the same time.
This weekend I make a small party with my friends, given that I would have not the opportunity to see again most of them by my departure, depending on the holidays and the work of each.
I also get ready to take Jango in his new house for year to come. I believe that is going to be the most difficult of all the things which I have to make before leaving...

30/07/2010 19:51

2010年07月30日 02:51 AM

Seminar House 1

I've just received an email from Kansai Gaidai which inform me that I've been assigned on my dormitory! I'll be in seminar house 1!
First floor for boys and second for girls, approximately 60 students.
I put to you the images that I've find on Kansai Gaidai website.
Have a nice day!

25/07/2010 14:41
2010年07月25日 09:41 PM

I have my visa!

Today I returned to the consulate of Japan to look for my visa! I thus put you pics on my previous article!
That becomes really more and more real! D-33!
And a pleasant surprise too! Apparently my visa is valid for a duration of 15 months! I am really going to try to remain most time possible, after the end of the school year also if I can!

Have a nice day!
And already 600 visits! Thanks to all!

23/07/2010 18:50
2010年07月23日 01:50 AM

The consulate of Japan in Lyon

Today I went to the consular office of Japan in Lyon to make (finally) my request of visa.
The nuilding is really beautiful, I would take you photos when I shall return for my visa.
Given that I had prepared everything, it should be ready for the end of the week.

I also noticed that one morning of walking in Lyon, in sandals under the sun that tires, and especially for feet!
Thus to be the most successful possible in my 4 days of intense visits of Tokyo, I went to get (thank you mom!) great comfortable walking shoes!
That would be certainly usefull too if I did a little walking or running before leaving to accustom me (the sport and I...).

To finish I contact by internet Tatsuya, a boy who lives in Tokyo. He is really very nice, he speaks a little bit French and offers to me his help when I would come to Tokyo! So kind! If I have a guide, I would lose so less time really, especially by not losing me in the subway and streets!
That would be really great! Thus we shall see if that's possible!

Mina oyasumi!

20/07/2010 20:21
2010年07月20日 3:21 AM

Today is a special day!

And yes! Finally! After a long wait of this famous paper... I have it! The certificate of eligibility (which is going to allow me to obtain my student's visa) arrived by express delivery DHL today!

It is really very great with my head of zombie above (I do not know why photo booths hate me soooo).
There were some other papers with, in particular very useful map of the campus, and some reminders on health insurances and drugs laws in Japan.

So, now I have to go to the consulate of Japan in Lyon to make my demand of visa.
What risks to be complicated for the moment given that I am at work 7 hours a day since last Tuesday...

I've also make my re-inscription at Jean monnet university for year 2010/2011, I would have wanted to be there at the beginning of the year to see the teachers asking... Charlène? Is she missing? No no... She is in JAPAN! =D

Very good weekend in all!

09/07/2010 19:19
2010年07月09日 02:19 AM

Small change in my plans.

Good evening everybody.
This evening is placed under the sign of the doubt and the uncertainty...
Do not worry nothing grave, just a question of hotel!
Having read numerous opinions on internet concerning New Koyo.... It shall seem that its price justifies itself by its poor quality and its hygiene more than doubtful...
I thus decided to follow all these opinions and to take a reservation in Juyoh Hôtel. It is situated in the same district but is apparently much better for a low price difference (approximately 500 yens more on night).
I don't look for the luxury of hotels for big budget but if there is one thing which I think is very important, it is the cleanliness. Especially with the Japanese climate in full August.
Thus here is I have just confirmed my reservation and sending one e-mail to cancel that taken in New Koyo.
It will be Juyoh Hôtel for my 3 nights in the capital.
The big differences which made me change opinion are that the rooms of Juyoh are air-conditioned, equipped with an individual refrigerator, the internet access by free WiFi in rooms, sheets changed every other day, and cleanliness of toilets (toilet and showers). I think that it will be more pleasant like that for a first experiment! Lol

And otherwise on the facebook group Kansai Gaidai fall 2010, persons apparently received an announcement of sending of the certificate of eligibility (the paper which allows to obtain the student's visa) by Kansai Gaidai. I received nothing, I hope that it's going to arrive in the days which come.

Good night!
06/07/2010 00:42
2010年07月06日 00:42 AM

New gadget! Playlist! ^^

Hi everybody!
These last days I listened a lot of Japanese music (hey yes I am on holidays =p) thus I thought that it would be a good idea to share all this with you.
So I set up on the right of the page, in the gadgets bar, a small playlist in random reading (you click on play and that reads you a song at random, but you can also click in the list down to listen the others).
There is of everything, most of rock, but also a little rap, love songs, musics of animes (the fans will recognize Blood +, Fairy Tail and One Piece)...
Thus that's to made you a small idea of the Japanese music, I find that nice. I look forward to listening to the radio when I'll be in Japan to know what they really listen to.
I hope that it will please you!
Have a nice day!

03/07/2010 13:38
2010年07月03日 20:38

Seminar House

I filled recently my questionnaire for the accommodation and thus I wanted to make you share this small video of one of the halls of residence (seminar house).
I so look forward to being there!!
It is the seminar house 4 in video, but I shall say to you in which one we put me when I shall be there, and I shall also make certainly my own small video lol


What are u doing the 27th august? As for me, I'll be in TOKYO!! ^^

I have just finalized my reservation in New Koyo Hotel of Tokyo, for 3 nights from 27 till 30 August, before taking the night bus for my new university! ^^
That makes me become aware that little by little the date comes! That is strange and it's awesome at the same time!
That motivates and that frightens at the same time... Finally it's a strange impression!


A day less! =)

Hello everybody!
Today I've received the confirmation final e-mail of Kansai Gaidai.
The check in days in seminar houses are the 28, 30 and 31 august 2010.
So I have all advance of one day!
Fortunately I have modifiable plane tikects! And Air France are really nice! I love them!
Well I go to the same horairs but the thursday 26 august instead of 27 ^^
So I stay between the 27 at 8:10 AM (when I arrive at Narita) and the 30 august evening at Tokyo city, and then I'll take the night bus to arrive at Osaka, Hirakata the 31th august. That's good that I'll have all the day to settle me and visiting the city before the beginning the orientation tour the next day =)
Finally here is! A day less to wait! Just 4 months and 2 weeks to wait! ^^
And during the holidays I visit Héloïse and Fred, who are going to keep me Jango (my adorable dog) during my stay. I believe more and more that I need to be in Japan to surmount the fact of not seeing him more... One year is really going to be too long without him. But I try to don't think of it for the moment.

Good evening at all!
12/04/2010 19:19
2010年04月13日 02:19

A super day!!

Ouaou! I can't believe it! Already 116 visits! I have just crossed the bar of 100 visits! ^^ It is rather symbolic!

Today an article with no connection with Japan... I HAVE MY DRIVING LICENCE!!! YES! YES! YES! So after two attempts unsuccessfully it is really a big reassurance, I am going to be able to leave zen! That's why I wanted to share my happiness with you! ^^

And at the same time I want to thank all those who visit my blog, who show interest on what I do because that makes me really happy and proud! And I hope that this blog will shows itself as high as your expectations, especially when I shall be there, because for the moment it's not very exciting lol!

Good week to all and meet you on the road! ^^
31/03/2010 17:32

Ps: The pic is a little joke. Because in France when you just having your driving licence, you have to put this "A" on your car to say: "Be carefull, I'm a young driver" during 3 years.
The "A" normally means "apprenti" (apprentice conducer) but some people says that it's meaning "abruti" (idiot, moron) ^^

My three travel books ^^

Hi! ^^
Yatta! I've made some shopping! I've bought some books which I'll bring with me if I can (if my luggage permit it!). And as I am happy of all of them I will make some ads! lol
Firstly, I've began with two little conversation guides, basic japanese, usefull sentences organized by theme, well no comparaison with a real course but very usefull!
The first is Le Japonais de poche (the pocket japanese) published by Assimil; so this one is really a bases learning method, with usefull exemples for daily life, but it's more a method than a tourist helping book. There is also a little explanation of japanese good manners, and I find it nice to have some indications on habbits of japaneses. At the end we find a mini dictionnary Japanese-French and French-Japanese always usefull for vocabulary issues (I have lot! xD). To conclude, I classify this book in those to read at house.
The second is Japonais, guide de conversation et dictionnaire (Japanese, conversation guide and dictionnary) published by Berlitz. And it is my favorite, the one which will never leave my handbag ^^ I like it because it's very well organized, and I can find the sentence I need in 30 seconds! I think it's important, knowing I'll be enough ridiculous in searching in my book to talk... With sections like transport, communications and internet, restaurant, conversation, tourism or health, it's really complete. It's the most of tourist's book, but it's also more! It's a "survive book" and a gold mine!
Furthermore, all is written in kanas/kanjis and in French, and in a compact sized book. So it is my super favorite! lol

Then, I've invested on a tourist guide, because even if I'm proud to know some things about Japan, I am sure to miss numerous great things without it. So it's guide bleu du Japon (blue guide of Japan) published by Hachette tourism. The big plus is for the classification by zones and the maps! There is also illustrations (but not to big) and a description of each site with a stars system classification. The least, it weighs one ton, especially since there is a big part at first on the society, the history of Japan, the religions, the literature... Finally it's really interesting but I am going to suffer if I have to lug this big book with me =)

That's all ^^ And as for the administrative side, I've given to Mrs Laniel my Kansai Gaidai paper file to Japan, but I'll add to it tomorrow my grade sheet of the third half-year freshly received, and my contract of studies signed by Mr Laxton.

Mina oyasumi!
23/03/2010 22h58
2010年03月24日 06:58