Coutdown until Japan!

Back from Tokyo

Hi everyone!
Here I am! I came back yesterday morning after spending 10 days in Tokyo! It was absolutely wonderful!!
I think I've nearly seen everything, I really tried to see everything I planned to and now I began professional in the art of using a subway without getting lost ^^
I have to say that in Japan everything is very well organized compared to Paris for example... =p

Here is the link of the online album! Don't forget the legends! ^^
Tokyo winter break!

And so now I'm back to Hirakata where I'm sharing an apartment with Alison until February.
I'm also in holidays until February so I'm gonna take care of some little things I have to get done (like changing my address on my gaijin card) before to start looking for a job.
Because even if I finally got extra scholarship which are gonna pay my rent for this semester I want to enjoy at maximum and so I'm planning a little trip around Asia for next semester and I'll need money for that!^^

I also want to use this break to do some things I wanted to do last semester but couldn't because of lack of time or money, like visiting Kayukan (the Osaka Aquarium) or the brand new Pokemon center...

I'll write the next article as soon as I have new things to tell you about!
2011 年 01 月 09 日