Coutdown until Japan!


It's 2:05 am here and I really can't sleep, so I decide to write this article.
I'll go to the airport on thursday morning, and I'll be in Japan on friday morning! It's incredible!
Tomorrow will be my last day in France until a year!
My family and friends have said goodbye to me... so strange... Even if I can keep in touch by phone and internet.

The one I'll miss the most is my dog! Leave him was horrible and I'm so sad about that...
Because I see him as my own child and brother, best friend and life partner... And he can't understand, I can't explain to him that I'll come back and never forget him...

In an other side I'm very excited to meet new people (like Dina, an Egyptian student who join me at airport, or Naho and Yukino, my speaking partners...) and to discover Kansai gaidai!

My grandpa will drive me to the airport, with my best friend Milene. I'm nervous! And my suitcases are huge!

See ya!
25/08/2010 2:10
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Changing my plans!

Today a message to announce you my change of plans (again, yes I know! Lol).
Indeed, I decided to postpone the visit of Tokyo, when I would feel easier with the language, the transport and when I would know how I am going to take out financial level!
Today I got my pay of my work of this summer, it is already good.

Thus instead of making Lyon-Tokyo, I am going to make Lyon-Osaka, always departure on 26th in the morning and arrived on 27th at 8:25 AM (Japanese hour).
Seminar house and pick-up service (a service of the university which leaves the airport and brings directly to the university) starting only on 28th, so I am going to have a day and a night to be spent at the airport or in an hotel if I find not too expensive near...
That's certainly going to seem to you strange but I am delighted! I am great satisfied, I am going to have fun as a small girl to investigate the slightest hidden recesses of a bigger airport than I have never seen!
The international airport of Kansai in Osaka is in more an airport-island (see image) and I find all this really too much exciting!

No regret thus even if I am going to have to wait a little before discovering the capital!
I promises you thousands of photos of all the shops and the interessting things! ^^

Good day for all!

17/08/2010 15:27

2010年08月17日 10:27 PM

Seminar house 1 rebels! =P

Hello everybody!

10 days until the great departure! And already 800 visits! ありがとうごさいます (Thank you very much ^^)

Today I wanted to make a small special article for a collective frenzy which takes a scale which pleases me a lot! ^^
As you already know, I am accommodated in the residence number 1 (" seminar house " 1). And as I joined the facebook group " Kansai Gaidai fall on 2010 " I was lucky to see how are assigned in the various residences some of 90 members of this group...
So in seminar house 1 we are at present... 4! Lol

I thus declared we were sorts of "rebels". The word was taken back, and so the frenzy took root! ^^
Today, Pepper, a Finnish student who is a member of our rebels' tribe created the logo of our group containing the slogan among which Erika, an American student had the idea!
A legend was born! I let you admire the work!

Let us specify that " In the gate we trust ", our slogan is a resumption of the famous " In God we trust " who is registered on USD. Obviously we haven't just created a new shady religion, it's simply in touch with the gate of the seminar house 1 (you can see it on a previous article) which urged to Erika and I to choose it in a completely arbitrary way! ^^

I'm really happy to know that I'll live with so kind people who have a sense of humor so crazy as mine!
Thanks Erika, Thanks Piiu, and welcome to Jacob, our last new rebel!! ^^

16/08/2010 18:35

2010年08月16日 01:35 AM
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