Coutdown until Japan!

A short message

Hi everybody,
finally a new message, a short one! ^^
Just to say that tomorrow I am going to return my paper file of Kansai Gaidai to the international pole because I have my letters of recommendation and my medical file.
I am also going to visit Mr Laxton who is responsible of departing abroad students of AES to begin a contract of studies. A contract of studies it is simply to validate equivalences, it is necessary to select the courses which I have to follow and Kansai Gaidai will send my results to the faculty and Mr Laxton is going to validate or not my ECTS credits.
That's all for the moment.

16/03/2010 22:49

Tokyo yattekuru!!

And here is! My tickets are ordered, to Air France, free of charge modifiable tickets, economy class. Departure Lyon-Tokyo, allocates on August 27th in 10:50 (French hour), arrived on August 28th in 8:10 (Japanese hour) ^^
For return it's normally Osaka-Lyon (even modifiable if need), I dated most farther possible in the planning (at the end of February) but I should modify that later...
With the cancellation or missed plane insurance I've paid 967 euro, I'm lucky! Except for my savings reduced to nothing! XD

I shall take my reservation in New Koyo hotel (we can reserve no more than 3 months in advance), for 3 nights, given that I decided to take the night bus to make Tokyo-Osaka at night of August 31st, for economic reasons! It is really cheaper than the shinkansen, and that saves me a hotel room night moreover, even if that will be certainly more tiring...
I found a company of buses which looks like very nice, it is Willer Express (they have a website) and I think of reserving a month before leaving or on the hotel with help of people of New Koyo to be sure to not make a mistake ^^

Otherwise I made my injections today ='( and I think that deadlines for reminders are ok, but always impossible to contact the north hospital for the encephalitis... I've to go there personally to inform me...

I chose the courses which interest me to register them on my contract of study, we shall see those who will be granted to me (indeed at Kansai Gaidai we take a number on arrival, as a lottery, and the number one was chosen its courses in the first one ect.... In other words, if you are last everything is full you have not lot of choice.... I hope I'll have more chance than for the euromillion! Lol.

Good evening.

The Tokyo madness!

Hi everybody!
As I've promise, I let you follow the progress of my organisation.
I've my official scolar year dates: beginning on 1rst september 2010; and ending on 28th may 2011. And before buying my plane tickets, I have decided to offer me 4 days in Tokyo before go to my new university in Kansai ^^
In facts, the travel Lyon Tokyo is less expensive than Lyon Osaka, so I take advantage of it to pay some nights in a "value for money" hotel in Tokyo.
My departure is planned for 27th august at 10:50 AM, and arrival at Narita Tokyo airport 28th august at 8:10 AM (japanese hour).
I will stay 3 nights at the New Koyo hotel of Tokyo (I think it's THE most cheaper lol), and I will have 4 days to visit Tokyo before taking the shinkansen (high speed Japanese train) on September 1rst between Tokyo and Osaka and then join Hirakata and Kansai Gaidai.
I shall have liked to take one week but I have some financial vaguenesses (which depend on my capacity to find a job this summer or not) and I prefer to stay reasonable and 4 days it is already good ^^

Otherwise I try to select the courses which I shall like following among the numerous proposed which all look interesting! To fill my contract of studies for the equivalences with the director of my department (Mrs Palanca).

Mina oyasumi! (Good night everybody ^^)
03/03/2010 21:50

See the doc'!

Firstly, I have receive my suitcases, and I am reassured. The large is huge, and the small is ok too... But all depending on the weight, I try to be positive!

Less funny thing today was my meeting with my doctor for the vaccination check up...

I have find this picture which represent perfectly my feeling about that.
90 euros just for 3 vaccines, plus the price of the differents meds that I put in my first aid pharmacy... a total of 150 euros in one day...

As you can see there I really have of everything, I envisage no possible fault! XD
And I still have the small dilemma of the Japanese encephalitis, which as its name indicates it is a typically Asian disease and the vaccine is made at the hospital, in a special pole " infectious and tropical diseases ". Thus rest still to inform me for that.

Rest more now a second meeting with the doctor to make me both who sleep in the refrigerator and make him fill my medical file of Kansai Gaidai (my doctor very enjoy the fact that it is in English ^^).
And then destination the hospital for the famous encephalitis =)

That's all for today.
26/02/2010 18:36


Today, new step completed, I have received my passport, made in 6 days (that is a very short deadline!) and I have completed the online application of Kansai Gaidai, with the number of passport.
Now, I have to print it, copy my precious passport, obtain my 3 letters of recommendation and ask my doctor to fill my medical informations; before sending all directly in Japan!!

I have also decided to see the dentist and the ophtalmologist. Indeed I prefer to display all the things to make, and regarding health we are never too careful =)

And I wait for my suitcases ^^

22/02/2010 19:07

THE big challenge! Suitcases!

Yesterday, after visiting all sites of price comparators of plane tickets, agencies of journey, airline companies.... I think I should take my tickets to Air France which propose "reasonable" prices (1100 euro for round trip approximately) but which also have especially the big advantage to propose tickets " modify free of charge ".
I am sure that as me you say yourselves kesako? Or it's too beautiful to be true... And indeed you are right is it! lol " modify free of charge " that means that I don't have to pay more to change a date or a schedule of ticket (and it is exactly what I need because even not knowing my date to go, I am even farther to know my date of return) but it is only under reserve that it still have there places in the price rate that I paid on the flights to the dates which I want. Yes it is a little bit complicated and I go away from the subject of the title.

So, for many reasons I've choose Air France in economic class, and then... SURPRISE!!!
With Air France I'll be allowed to tak only one 20kg suitcase in hold of the plane (on the contrary 2 with ANA: All Nippon Airways) and one hand luggage of 12 kg+ my handbag. I have order my suitcases on Ebay right now (On the pics, the yellow is the biggest and the blue is the little) and I am desperate!
When my mother go on holiday for one week she has difficulties to put all what she takes in a suitcase as the yellow... I'm certainly not like my mother but I go for one year!!!
So it's the challenge of the day! Reading travelling forums and point of view of different persons for long period travels like mine there is a tendancy: wear always the same things! lol
Roughly the rule would be to take the minimum to get dressed one or two seasons at arrival, in my case in summer and autumn, and buy the rest on place...
I'm feeling disapointed to have to spend money in winter clothes (pullovers, parka) which I can put in my luggage when I come back...
I am thinking about the price of sending of a box of things by post in international loool

And I also start to think about some French "little presents" that I could offer to Japanese friends. Because Japan is the "little present" country, it's appreciated, and some friends tell to me that France is popular in Japan, especially with japanese girls, so I think it's a good way to make friends ^^
If you have any suggestions don't hesitate^^

Finally, in administrative side, I have received a mail of the international section of my university, which permit to suscribe to all scolarships, with an online file. But I have to wait for my passport first! I have also discover that my first international scolarship will not arrive before january 2011, I have paid for my plane tickets, and if I don't have a job this summer it will be very difficult for me... I'm stressed... :S

Long article today for blog's public openning =)
20 february 2010 17:06

Documents... More and more documents...

Today, I've received a Kansai Gaidai email (on the pic my future university ^^). In reality, the e-mail was already in my box since few days, but in spam box lol
So, I was able to print my real file to send directly to Japan!
I AM 13508!! =)
The things which miss me before being able to complete and sending back the file are my passport (in progress), my 3 letters of recommendation (special Thanks to Mr Hagbe, Mrs Palanca and Mrs Rabagny) that I have to translate properly in English! BLAGUE!
Without speaking about the inevitable medical examination to make fill some papers furthermore to my doctor (and to take advantage of it to constitute my precious pharmacy).
It's everything for today and it's already not bad!

17 february 2010 19:43

Ps: The words "vilaine" can be traduced by ugly, and "blague" by joke, but I prefer let them in French, because they've no sense, it's only my expressions...

Beginning of the blog...

So, it always need a beginning ^^
My name is Charlene, and the monster in the pic next to my is JANGO, my dog!
It will be so so hard to leave and let him in France...

So, I've made a demand of Japan file for Japan before Christmas holidays at international section of university Jean Monnet next my participation at ISEP/ Japan information meeting. I've submit my pre application on 17 january 2009, and yesterday 11 february ( symbolic day because 11 frebruary is national holiday in Japan, it celebrates the creation of Japan ^^) I have received my positiiiiiiive response! =D
I am really happy and I take advantage to this run up to open this inpirate named blog (wink to my "vilaines" band who I'll miss too...)!

I don't think I will make it public for the moment, but I think there is numerous usefull informations to publish here before departure, given that this blog has for vocation to be in the same time a logbook for me, a means to give new to my friends and family and people who are interested on my trip, and an information source for all my successors on this adventure in future! lol

Well, I have not realized yet or assimilated anything except the cost of a passport (86 euros! It's painful!) and I just begin to collect all my questions and plans.
I'll give you more precision when I even have it ^^

Little ps: The hour of articles is Japanese's (+8h with regard to Franche in winter and +7h in Summer) so for messages written in France I'll put the date and hour below.

Saint Etienne, 12/02/2010 20:56

PS 2: This blog is English version of an Orginal blog, so dates below articles are the true, and maybe don't correspond to blog's dating.
And don't hesitate to post comments to indicate me the faults of language, I shall not publish them but I would correct the faults. Thx!