Coutdown until Japan!

Arashiyama! Momiji! Koyo!

I takes a little more delay every time!

So here I am writing this article because November 27th I went with Jeff and Azusa to Arashiyama near Kyoto to see the changing color of autumn leaves, an event that is quite popular in Japan.
Finally this time I have a good excuse for the delay, I am in the midterm exams!
It's really tiring, but on the other side a few days more and I'm on HOLIDAYS! ^ ^
For a month! I go to Tokyo for 10 days, and I was invited to the ceremony for the majority (who is 20 years in Japan) on January 10. I'd go if I can surely get a kimono, as it is really super expensive I'll get help with my Japanese friends.

That's it for today.
Good night!

Online pictures!